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ANIMA x BMW Wallis Motor Experience

ANIMA project and BMW Wallis Motor aligned forces into a research project, the main driver for this collaboration is sustainability and to communicate how two different industries understand sustainability in their daily design and the responsibility that we have to be impact makers. 


Driving and Eating are both multisensorial experiences, when you drive you feel the leather, the sound of the car, the smell and many inputs that make your driving experience a pleasant one, same when you are eating, you have a series of stimuli that create an uplifting experience. Under this premise we decided to join efforts and try to take our multidisciplinary team to the limit, re-creating a “Gastromotive experience” where you submerge into a world of fantasy and sensorial stimuli that are going to take you to another dimension. 


This is a limited series of Gastronomic pop-ups happening at our research laboratory in Budapest, Hungary, where Science & food collaborate with the automotive industry to develop a menu mainly based on Hungarian ingredients. 

For reservations and info about the pop-up dates write to:

Maximum tickets per pop-up: 10 

Price: 100k Huf 

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