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ANIMA Experimental, the dimension of the project where the research becomes experience. 


The base is the experimental Lab located in Budapest - Hungary, with different collaborations and locations around the world.


The concept is limitless, the goal is to achieve a unique experience that happen only once in the life.  


Follow us on instagram to stay updated on when we announce the date and time new tickets will be made available for online booking. 

The experience is unique because an entire human team is working on it, that is why the capacity is limited to 12 people maximum, the minimum booking is 2 people with a max of 6. The experience will be done only if the max capacity of 12 pax is reached.


Is very important to take in account that is not a VIP experience, luxury is not the main goal, that is why we do not give priority or made special reservations, tickets only can be reached by online booking.

The ticket price is pre-paid and serves as a reservation for your place on the experience, we do not accept payments on the place.

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Welcome Dreamer!

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